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“Face Down and Rise Up” prayer marches will convene every Monday at 6:00pm sharp, at various locations throughout the city of Indianapolis. March locations will be announced weekly.

PLEASE MARCH WITH US. We need BOOTS ON THE GROUND! Men, Women and youth are encouraged  to attend (all youth MUST be accompanied by a parent).

ATTIRE: Everyone is asked to wear the official “Face Down and Rise Up” t-shirt while marching. However, if you don't have a shirt, don't let that stop you from attending. There is power in numbers and even more power in prayer.


Join us in this massive effort to combat spiritual wickedness in high places through prayer! 

“Face Down and Rise Up”

Face Down Logo Cap

Face Down Logo Cap

Face Down Rise Up T-Shirt

Face Down Rise Up T-Shirt

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An inclusive community for all who believe in the power of unity through prayer. May you be inspired and provoked to pursue a closer, more intimate relationship with God through prayer. 




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